xace crash

Keith Bradnam keith at thale.life.nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jan 23 09:21:17 EST 2001

I have just found a reliable way of crashing xace...which is nice.

We run 4.7l on Tru64 UNIX. 

I have a simple 'Species' class in my database which mostly contains
details of Proteins and Sequences for each species represented in the
database. For 'Arabidopsis thaliana' there is (as you would expect) a lot
of sequences (over 183,000). 

In the default tree display for the 'Arabidopsis thaliana' species it
lists that there are 183,000 sequences, but as you would expect,
it collapses the branch that leads to these 183,000 sequences. If I try to
expand it xace crashes with the error:

Stack overflow: pid 6745, proc xace, addr 0x11dffffb0, pc 0x1201afa1c
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

This happens even if I try running 'unlimit' first.  We do have 2 Gb
memory on this machine, so memory shouldn't really be a problem.  Is there
some upper limit of objects that can be 'expanded' from a collapsed branch
in this manner?  The same display will let me expand the 24,000 or so
Protein sequences without crashing.

Food for thought.


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