acedb ftp site change

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Jan 22 04:31:16 EST 2001

This will probably only affect a few people.....

Here at Sanger we have had two ftp directories for acedb: /pub/acedb and
/pub/acedb_src. The latter was used to hold an up to date copy of the source
code plus back versions, it was updated every night.

As part of the rationalisation/reorganisation of the acedb ftp site,
/pub/acedb_src will disappear this week and instead the source/code/binaries
will be copied into /pub/acedb each night into /pub/acedb/DAILY.

You should note that /pub/acedb/DAILY contains a snapshot of development code
and as a rule you should _not_ download this code. It is there mainly to
continue the policy of acedb being "open source", to provide up to date source
for fellow developers and perhaps to provide a quick fix for particular users.

If this change will cause you any problems then please mail acedb at sanger.ac.uk
or post to this newsgroup.

cheers Ed

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