Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Jan 11 07:27:57 EST 2001

> The "problem" was in efficiency, not operation.  The data could be
> configured and managed in a relational system but we had to write
> absolutely baroque SQL in order to get the equivalent of a single
> find...follow statement.

Interesting, this is something that I've often heard said, but because I am not
an expert on SQL I've never known if its really true or not.

> Flexibility is also an important element of
> efficiency for us.  The nature of our projects can be fairly fluid.  We
> haven't found an equivalent to changing our acedb model in order to
> morph the database in the relational world.  Our concept of how to
> accomplish this project had changed substantially since the original
> pilot and it caused major dislocations.

Yes, this comes up in the acedb courses that are run at the Sanger Centre: 

- people are usually _very_ surprised at the idea that you can (within certain
limits) just edit the models file to add stuff on a live database.

- people really like the fact that the models file is just a simple text file.

A real plus for acedb.

Thanks for the feedback.

cheers Ed

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