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Hi Keith and list,

The "problem" was in efficiency, not operation.  The data could be
configured and managed in a relational system but we had to write
absolutely baroque SQL in order to get the equivalent of a single
find...follow statement.

Flexibility is also an important element of
efficiency for us.  The nature of our projects can be fairly fluid.  We
haven't found an equivalent to changing our acedb model in order to
morph the database in the relational world.  Our concept of how to
accomplish this project had changed substantially since the original
pilot and it caused major dislocations.

Hope that helps,


> Could I enquire as to what problems you had using a relational
> Our group heavily uses acedb at the moment but we are looking into the
> *possibilities* of whether our data could also be stored in a
> database.
> Were there any *general* problems with relational databases that you
> having where acedb proved superior?
> Regards,
> Keith
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