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John Sturdy jcgs at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Jan 5 10:53:55 EST 2001

Rather than looking at how to provide documents in multiple formats,
I'd rather track down the underlying problems, i.e. what's not good
enough about HTML?

I suspect that the problem is largely that HTML browsers tend not to
produce good printed output (e.g. PostScript); also, web pages tend to
have navigational things on them that are not wanted in a printed

I don't think it's logically part of the AceDB output to fix browser
printing problems ;-) but we can help with the other part of it by
making the server capable of outputting a "de-navigationalized"
version of each page.

If anyone knows of good tools for printing web pages (better than the
browsers do) -- or tips for setting up browser printing -- let me know
and I'll set up a page of "advice for printing documents from this

I will make some enquiries in this domain myself.

If, however, I'm wrong about why other formats are wanted, let me know
about that instead.

Dr John Sturdy                                            jcgs at sanger.ac.uk
Informatics Division
Sanger Centre

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