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Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Jan 4 05:14:13 EST 2001


>         I think that when reorganizing the the documentation for the new
> acedb.org, it should definately be an issue to make all of it available
> in more formats than HTML only, portions clustered together. If the docs
> are maintained as, say, Latex, they can easily by converted to HTML by
> Latex2HTML, or converted to Postscript for printing. Have you guys
> thought about this, Ed?
>                         Mummi

This came up at the Vancouver conference last year, there is certainly a
_MASSIVE_ case for improving the documentation for acedb. I seem to remember
that the concensus was that we really needed a funded person whose job it was to
take existing docs and sort this out. Does anyone have any suggestions for who
could be approached for funding ?

I would make the following points:

1) I don't think the approach of having one base type of document (e.g. latex)
from which all others will be derived will work. Some people like to use Word,
others emacs etc. We need to let people write documentation in whatever form
they want.

2) There are however some recognised ways of doing things, many sites offer
   the following:

	- the original document (be it html, word or whatever)
	- an html version for online browsing
	- various printable versions (postscript, pdf or whatever)

   I expect there are some tools that help with preparing printable versions
   from browsable documents.

We've certainly thought about it but we don't have the resources to do this at
the moment as there are a number of other higher priority tasks in the pipeline.

cheers Ed

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