Setting up AceBrowser

Raoul Meuldijk raoul.meuldijk at alg.vf.wau.nl
Fri Dec 21 04:54:10 EST 2001

The Animal Breeding and Genetics group is setting up a database on the chicken genome, using AceDB.
We would like to make this browsable through the WWW, like the elegans database on the site http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/webace_front_end.shtml .

I have downloaded and installed the Acebrowser as found on ftp://ftp.sanger.ac.uk/pub/webace/gifaceserver , and managed to get this running on our Linux server (Suse Linux 7). However, only the text-
interface is working, not the graphical webinterface working. It appears some software components that render the clickable GIFs are missing. Could someone give me an overview of which files should be installed 
and running, in which directories on the server?
What we've got so far can be seen on http://flex026.zod2.wau.nl/cgi-bin/ace/query/chickace .

Does anyone have information on how to add the graphics, or an URL to documentation explaining what components should be running on the server to create these clickable graphics?

Thanks in advance,

Raoul Meuldijk MSc.
Research Assistant
Animal Breeding and Genetics group
Wageningen University

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