password issues of saceserver

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Dec 11 11:08:05 EST 2001


> I'm glad to find there are some discussions related with password issues of
> saceserver.  Is there any instructions that I can simply follow to setup
> both password required and passwordless saceserver, so that users can logon
> the dbs from a web interface?  I got quite confused on that part and I hope
> to know how to do that directly.

OK, make sure you have read:


which does explain most of this I think.

Some points to note:

- currently you will always be asked for a userid and password regardless of the
permissions you set up for the database. This is just like most ftp's. And like
most ftp's it is possible to have a set up where the actual userid and password
are irrelevant, you can pass anything in.

So for example, let's say you want to allow anyone to have read access but only
users with passwords to have write access, you should put this in


Now only people with entries in wspec/serverpasswd.wrm will be able to get write
access but anyone can get read access just by typing any old userid/passwd in.

If you are giving web access then the web client can get read access by
supplying any old userid/passwd as well, you wouldn't need to prompt the user
for the userid/passwd, you could just automatically send their userid and send a
rubbish passwd such as "XXXXXXX" or whatever.

Does that make sense ?

You would be well advised to make use of Lincoln Steins aceperl package to do
the interfacing to the acedb server rather than trying to write your own.

cheers Ed

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