passwordless saceserver? (for scripted access)

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Aug 30 05:00:28 EST 2001

Dave Matthews wrote:
>Is there a way to suppress the socket aceserver's 
>  Please enter userid: 
>  Please enter passwd: 
>handshake?  In the old aceserver I could connect via simple shell scripts
>directly.  Now, even though I've set the database to "READ WORLD" in
>wspec/serverconfig.wrm, the prompt still comes up.  If I try to include
>appropriate responses in the script, e.g.
>  /usr/local/bin/saceclient ceres.plbr.cornell.edu -port 2000 <<EOF
>  anonymous
>  guest
>  EOF

See my post of a few days ago on this topic.  There's a fairly simple
patch (which I included) to allow this to work.

Basically it's just using isatty() to test whether we're running on a
TTY before attempting to turn off password echoing (which is irrelevant
when not running in a TTY).

This will also make the hoops AcePerl has to jump through unnecessary.


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