passwordless saceserver? (for scripted access)

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Wed Aug 29 04:37:46 EST 2001

Is there a way to suppress the socket aceserver's 
  Please enter userid: 
  Please enter passwd: 
handshake?  In the old aceserver I could connect via simple shell scripts
directly.  Now, even though I've set the database to "READ WORLD" in
wspec/serverconfig.wrm, the prompt still comes up.  If I try to include
appropriate responses in the script, e.g.

  /usr/local/bin/saceclient ceres.plbr.cornell.edu -port 2000 <<EOF

the result is 

  Please enter userid: anonymous
  FATAL ERROR -   (user, machine & program version not available)  in file sclient.c, at line 67: Unable to get terminal attributes for input of password.

If I connect through saceclient interactively, I can enter anything as the
userid and just hit Return for the passwd.

I see that this can be done through AcePerl (and it takes a lot of code to
do it, in SocketServer.pm) but I'd like to be able to have more direct

(This is using ace4_9c under Linux.)

- Dave


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