Problems with gifaceserver/aceclient?

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Oct 19 07:01:57 EST 2000


>  tar: Member names contain `..'
> What does this "tar: Member names contain `..' " message means?

Forget this message, its not significant, I'll do something about suppressing it
at some time.

> Now, if I try to start aceclient :
> [fc at grun fc]$ /database/acedb/bin/aceclient -port 20114
> Erreur de segmentation
> What is this segmentation fault?

It's a serious program error, the program is trying to address memory that it is
not allowed to have access to.

> If I try aceclient several time, I eventually get this (roughly once
> every 10 tries ) :

This is _very_ surprising that it works at all given the above error.

> [fc at grun fc]$ /database/acedb/bin/aceclient -port 20114
> ERROR: failed to read file
> acedb at>
> What is this "ERROR: failed to read file" message?
> Despite this message, I can access  acedb:

OK, what's happening is that the client manages to open one of the magic passwd
files to get read/write access (see README about setting up the aceserver), but
cannot read the contents of the file which is very strange.

Please can you send me copies of your wspec/passwd.wrm, wspec/server.wrm and
we'll take it from there.

cheers Ed

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