Problems with gifaceserver/aceclient?

F Coulier coulier at marseille.inserm.fr
Tue Oct 17 03:44:53 EST 2000


Still trying to move Acedb from one computer to another.....

Despite the help of Jean, Ed, Richard, and others, and after fixing a
lot of things, including many mistakes  on my part, I've still not been
able to move ahead....

I can start gifaceserver at the command line:
[fc at grun fc]$ /usr/bin/gifaceserver /database/acedb 20114 1200:1200:100
bash: /usr/bin/gifaceserver: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type
fc at grun fc]$ /usr/local/bin/gifaceserver /database/acedb 20114
 // Database directory: /database/acedb
 tar: Member names contain `..'

What does this "tar: Member names contain `..' " message means?

Now, if I try to start aceclient :
[fc at grun fc]$ /database/acedb/bin/aceclient -port 20114
Erreur de segmentation

What is this segmentation fault?

If I try aceclient several time, I eventually get this (roughly once
every 10 tries ) :

[fc at grun fc]$ /database/acedb/bin/aceclient -port 20114
ERROR: failed to read file
acedb at>

What is this "ERROR: failed to read file" message?
Despite this message, I can access  acedb:

acedb at> find Author Brenner S
// Reponse: 56 bytes.

// Found 1 objects in this class
// 1 Active Objects
acedb at> list
// Reponse: 80 bytes.

KeySet : Answer_1
 Brenner S
// 1 object listed
// 1 Active Objects
acedb at> Biblio
// Reponse: 9788 bytes.
 Found 55 ref
_1) [cgc30]
    The genetics of behaviour.
    Brenner S.
    British Medical Bulletin 29, 269-271 (1973)

etc. for all of Brenner's references...

My specific questions are:
How can I get read of the error messages (actually, "how can I get rid
of the cause of the error messages")
What to do to have aceclient works every time.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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