Fault in gifaceserver?

Keith Bradnam keith at thale.life.nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Oct 5 03:14:10 EST 2000

In order to try and pick apart my problem (see earlier post) I am trying
to use aceclient to dump out a gif of a map in my database.

When I use aceclient to access the database, it crashes/exits:

% aceclient flora -port 50100
ERROR: failed to read file
acedb at flora> gif display   Map "Physical-I" ; gifdump abc
//! Null answer - Error Code: 5
//! You may have timed out
// Please report problems to mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr

This is on our new machine (running Tru64 UNIX).  When I then try to
access the same thing on an (almost identical) copy of the database on
another machine (running Solaris), I get:

% aceclient synteny -port 20001
acedb at synteny> gif display   Map "Physical-I" ; gifdump abc
// Reponse: 88 bytes.
// GMAP Map "Physical-I"
// I wrote the active graph to file abc
// 0 Active Objects

Both servers are running gifaceserver 4.7l.  Does this imply that
gifaceserver on our new (Tru64 UNIX) machine is faulty?  Is there a better
way of testing this?

Any help appreciated.


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