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Keith Bradnam keith at thale.life.nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Nov 27 11:59:56 EST 2000


Is there any chance of getting access to the AceBrowser scripts used for
Wormbase?  I noticed that they use the script 'epic' rather than 'pic'
(which comes with the default AceBrowser setup) to display graphical views
of sequences.

The reason I ask is that I would like to see the mechanics of the
'epic' script as it doesn't crash in some situations whereas the standard
'pic' script does.  For instance, if I click on a piece of text
information in our AceBrowser displays (for our AGR database)
(e.g. the contents of a remark tag) it returns an internal server error.
It doesn't seem to do this for remark tags in wormbase.  I also get
problems when clicking on gene name or loci objects where it tries to
display the resulting (textual) information as a graphic.

I would also like to see how the new graphical depiction of sequences at
the top of the Wormbase sequence report pages are generated.   Is this
stuff publically accessible anywhere?  Should it be?

As an aside, I've also noticed that www.wormbase.org seems to be running
on acedb 4.8 unlike the sanger version.  This results in quite a different
depiction of colours, e.g. contrast:


The colours on the www.wormbase.org site are quite hard on the eyes.
Does this mean that 4.8 is nearly ready for a full release???

Hope someone can help,


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