colours in gmap display

Sylvia Martinelli sylvia at sanger.ac.uk
Fri May 26 11:07:23 EST 2000

On a gmap display, click on the green box at the bottom of an interval
column or a points column.
you will get a "configure interval column window"
go to each of the 4 coloured boxes.
on a unix system the right mouse will give
you a long menu of colours, when you slide
to the one you want and let go, this will become the new colour.
press apply and have a look at your gmap.


On Tue, 23 May 2000, janety wrote:

> Hello again
> I have a very simple question. Is it possible to change the colours used
> for highlighting parents and neighbours in the Gmap display? I find it
> very hard to see the light blue my copy of ace is using at the moment.
> thanks
> Janet
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