Xace for Windows speculations, again

zgudmunt at my-deja.com zgudmunt at my-deja.com
Wed May 24 08:58:00 EST 2000

  I wanted to ponder a bit more on the Xace f. Windows issue. I tried
out the most recent version of the Windows-build, and it worked just
fine. I even managed to get it to work over smb-mounts to my Linux
Ace-server (hosting 35+ project Ace's). But there was a problem with
saving procedure, since the database was owned by user ace (me) and the
WinNT-user mummi was trying to write. The windows Xace was running in
normal mode and not this Unix "setuid" mode as the Unix Xace, so I
expect that is the problem.
	But if there is no way to run Win-Xace in setuid mode, how can I
otherwise allow multiple users to write using the Win-version over the
smb-mount? Will I have to wait for the socket Winclient-2-Unixserver

	Oh, I can just as well continue to use the Unix Xace over a Reflection
terminal to the Ace-server as I have been doing so far. It's just that
all those graphic Xace's are taking up so much server memory, instead of
users using their own workstation resources in a true client/server
dream :)  I  do have a feeling, however,(after reading the ACEDB2000
preliminary conference schedule)  that I will know lots more about
future development for ACeDB!


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