view control - column width and horizontal scrolling

janety janety at u.washington.edu
Tue May 23 03:45:45 EST 2000


I have been playing with the Gmap display, adding some derived_tag
columns. I'm having problems with stuff going off the right-hand edge of
the screen. two problems:
1. no scroll bar in the Gmap window (ace4_7l, OSF1, openwindows). is
there no scroll bar, or do I need to change something in displays.wrm,
or is this just a problem with my windows manager? any ideas?
2. I don't understand the column width restriction control when defining
columns - I change it but it doesn't seem to do anything to the way my
map is displayed. maybe someone could explain column widths to me.


Janet Young

                         Dr. Janet Young 
Dept. Molecular Biotechnology 
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