phredphrap ACE files to ACEDB interface?

Nathan O. Siemers nathan at dnase.hpw.pri.bms.com
Tue May 23 03:42:02 EST 2000

Forgive me for my naive questions here.

        We use phred/phrap/consed for much of our in-house sequencing
        projects.  We have a Projects directory, where all of our
        sequencing is sorted by project.  Underneath these projects is
        the standard consed file hierarchies (phd_dir, edit_dir, etc)
        and the corresponding ace files.

        Is there a simple way to load all of this information into an
        acedb instance and let people browse results by project, look
        at alignments, etc?  Has anyone written such an integration
        procedure?  I would think it would be straightforward.

        Thanks for any pointers you have.



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