ACeDB 4.8: availability???

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Mon Mar 27 21:08:22 EST 2000

  Where can I obtain the most recent version of 4.8? I was looking for this
monthly build the other day on the FTP-site but did not see anything changed
from a version I tested several months ago. That was actually a precompiled
4.8 beta, straight  from one of the developers. Is there a better source for
me out there than the official site?

  I am primarily interested in the new client/server socket setup. I am
having trouble managing multiple local databases along with a couple of
servers. I think that a better solution would be a total client/server
system. But would I be able to set up Windows-clients that access



> Now...for ace 4_8 we have rewritten the server to directly use sockets
> instead of RPC (for portability and interfacing reasons). We have also
> taken the opportunity to add a password mechanism for users, so this
> will answer your question. Now you will have a "true" client/server
> setup with control files for restrict access to just the people you
> want. There are new admin commands to manage these control files.
> When this all be available ? Well its available now for Beta-testing.
> The caveat is that a number of other parts of acedb have been changed
> and we are still testing locally to iron out bugs. I can build you a
> binary (we are about to do a monthly build) and you can try it out if
> you like. I am also just doing the documentation because we have added
> some new commands to manage the user stuff and a number of other
> additions to the server.
> I hope this answers your questions, please feel free to email me direct
> or append here if you need more information.
> cheers Ed
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