Constructed types in Ace 5

Carson Thoreen Carson_Thoreen at brown.edu
Thu Jun 29 05:32:41 EST 2000

Hello --
I'm using the 5/9 development release and have found a couple problems 
that may or may not be my fault:

1. If I construct a model like this:

?Dog BelongsTo Text
     DogHouse Text #Yard

?Yard Frontyard

and then try to import an .ace file like this:

Dog : Rufus
DogHouse "Deluxe" Frontyard

I get an error claiming Frontyard doesn't exist in the model. When I 
create a Dog object through the edit menu and then choose to update it, 
the constructed type shows up as "DogHouse Text #SomeOtherClass"! If I 
open the "Model" class and examine the "Dog" model, I see "DogHouse Text 
#Yard". So I think there's a problem in the way ace is parsing the 
models for creating objects. Ideas?

2. In the last newsletter, there was mention that indexing in ace 5 was 
a little screwy so that queries wouldn't work correctly unless the 
database was re-indexed. I've had this problem with AQL -- the objects 
returned meet the query criteria, but the data from tags isn't right ie. 
in a database with lots of "Dog" objects, "Rufus" might correctly 
returned, but Rufus->BelongsTo column often shows data that isn't 
connected to "Rufus". Even when I choose "read models and reindex" the 
problem remains. Is there another way to re-index, or should I wait 
until the next release?

3. When I try to go to www.acedb2000.bcgsc.bc.ca to see what I've 
missed, my browser can't find the server. Is this the correct URL?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Carson Thoreen
Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology
University of Washington
Carson_Thoreen at brown.edu

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