How big is yours?

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Jun 22 03:39:54 EST 2000

> What are the largest ace databases that people have worked with (in either
> size Mb (or even Gb), or number of objects) and have people found any
> performance problems with very large databases (obviously this is
> dependent on the computer hosting and accessing the database).
> Are there any theoretical limits on the number of objects an ace db could
> hold?

There are databases of several GB that people use daily.

There is currently a theoretical limit of 2^24 (approx 16,000,000) objects per
class, and 256 main classes (i.e. not counting subclasses).  We are thinking
about ways one day in the future to remove those limits, but in practice they
have never approached being a problem.  You can certainly live with several
million objects on a reasonable computer.  As Ed says, the total disk usage
possible is very large (possibly 1k x 2^32 = 4 TB because blocks are determined
by a 32bit integer now).


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