svc_tli_create: could not do t_sync: Illegal file descriptor

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jun 21 04:38:26 EST 2000

> I wrought six month ago about problems with solaris 2.7 and going on the
> net. Has anybody managed to find an answer to this problem ? Or should I
> wait for the socket ?

Uuuuggghhh, this just seems to be the same old stuff, sun boxes are the only
boxes we have problems with, every time someone updates their operating system
on a sun the RPC server breaks....sigh... The problems are very hard to debug
because of course we don't have the source code for the sun libraries so 

This is a sorry tale, I have been putting my efforts into making the socket
server work and I would suggest that you try using that.

You can pick up the latest monthly development build from:


and you can see documentation on how to set the server up at:


Send me email if you have problems or need help. I really recommend just
dropping the RPC server and going for the sockets version.

cheers Ed

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