Printing problems with Xace 4_71 on Solaris 2.6

Lyle_Ryan at BERLEX.COM Lyle_Ryan at BERLEX.COM
Thu Jul 27 04:07:13 EST 2000

I'm having problems printing from xace 4_71 on Solaris 2.6.  Defining
ACEDB_LPR to be 'lp -dourcolorprinter' seems to work, as it shows up in the
"Print/Mail Selection Screen" and a print request id message shows on my
terminal session confirming submission to the proper queue.  But only a
banner page comes out on the printer.

"Printing" a copy to a file works correctly, and I am able to "lp
-dourcolorprinter filename" fine.

Any ideas?  And BTW, my thanks to Ed Griffiths for the solution to the
"Help System" problem I was having.

Thanks....Lyle Ryan
Berlex Laboratories
lyle_ryan at berlex.com


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