"Help System" problems on 4_71 xace

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jul 19 07:43:46 EST 2000


I'm really, really sorry, this looks like totally our fault, somehow our system
for putting code on to the ftp site has got messed up. Now read on....

> I downloaded the precompiled 4_71 version for Solaris-2.6, and installation
> went pretty well, although I had to rename the "wspec.bin" directory into
> "wspec".

OK, I didn't understand this, I didn't get a wspec.bin directory, I got the
wspec as it should be.

> But the "Help" button in xace doesn't work, saying "Sorry, no help
> available".

OK, this is because the whelp directory is missing...

> I've made the html files in the "wdoc" directory available via the system's
> Netscape server.  But I don't understand the reference in the NOTES file,
> talking about the in-line viewer reading the html files from the "whelp"
> directory.  Duplicating the "wdoc" directory under the name of "whelp"
> doesn't do the trick.  Also, there's a reference to the "wspec/help.wrm"
> file, which I don't have.

wdoc contains documents for developers and database administrators, it is
definitely not the 'online' help for the database, make sure it stays as wdoc.

whelp is the directory that contains the online help, sadly the 4_7l
distribution seems to be totally missing this directory from the binaries or the
source. A gross oversight.

I will put a tar'd 4_7l version of the help on the ftp site today under the 4_7l

I can only apologise again and hope you haven't wasted too much time. We are in
the process of overhauling the ftp site to make it easier to use and hopefully
this sort of problem will become a thing of the past...

cheers Ed

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