"Help System" problems on 4_71 xace

Lyle_Ryan at BERLEX.COM Lyle_Ryan at BERLEX.COM
Wed Jul 19 03:17:28 EST 2000

I downloaded the precompiled 4_71 version for Solaris-2.6, and installation
went pretty well, although I had to rename the "wspec.bin" directory into

But the "Help" button in xace doesn't work, saying "Sorry, no help

I've made the html files in the "wdoc" directory available via the system's
Netscape server.  But I don't understand the reference in the NOTES file,
talking about the in-line viewer reading the html files from the "whelp"
directory.  Duplicating the "wdoc" directory under the name of "whelp"
doesn't do the trick.  Also, there's a reference to the "wspec/help.wrm"
file, which I don't have.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks,
Lyle Ryan, Berlex Laboratories
lyle_ryan at berlex.com


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