one object, many names

Janet Young janety at u.washington.edu
Tue Jan 25 20:06:34 EST 2000


I am working out how to make a model to best fit my data. I have a set
of clones which I'd like to refer to by several names (i.e. 96 well
location, 384 well location, rearrayed plate location etc) when entering
data of different types (end sequence, PCR results). I have a table of
how these names relate to one another.

I'd like to be able to enter data using any of the different name types
(they have a suffix to distinguish different name types) but for data
from each of the entries to be collected under one object in the
database, rather than be dispersed over several objects of different
name-type which actually refer to the same clone. 

Does anybody have any ideas of how to set up the model to deal with
this, or should I work out a script to convert the names to a 'master'
name before data entry? I have a feeling it should be possible with some
sort of
?Clone General Synonymous_with ?Clone XREF Synonymous_with 
kind of model but then I'll end up with several different objects
representing the same BAC with the data dispersed between them according
to which name I entered the data under.



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