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Hamish McWilliam Hamish.McWilliam at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Jan 25 12:27:39 EST 2000

Doug Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am still having troubles with Text display in the Sequence Graphics display.
<Stuff snipped>
> I did this ... and it works ... but, for me, only in part, to wit:
> 1. only the Visible information from the *.cds Subsequence objects is
> displayed !?!
> 2. Visible information from other Subsequence objects and from the Sequence
> object
>    itself is not displayed.
> Second, this displayed text information appears to be of a 'Text Features' type
> ... that is, it is removed from the Seq Graphics display when one toggles the
> 'Text Features' in 'Columns'
> Perhaps the additional text information should be displayed in the column
> called 'Brief Identifications' ??
> I have not been able to get this column to display anything ...
> If this is what I should be using, how does one use it?
> Does it involve an additional Method to the 'Show_Text' method above?
> If so, what is the Method?
> I appreciate any comments here ...
> Thanks
>   -Doug

Having just had a little play with the setup I recommended earlier, I
see the same behavior. Although I get the Visible info displayed from
both CDS and mRNA subsequences.

As for Brief 'Identifications' I actually do have this column working
although I cannot say if it works for the sequence it does seem to work
for my subsequences. These are derived from the value of the 
Visible -> Brief_identification tag, and are displayed independently of
the other text features.

While this is probably not of much help, now that I looked at it afresh,
I would still like to be able to get the other Visible data to display.

Any ideas anyone?

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