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Mon Jan 24 06:52:16 EST 2000

   Thanks alot, Jean-T. I´ll try the xaceclient. Does the xaceclient
work in the same way as the AcePerl, only aquiring the lock when it
really is writing?
   The problem may actually be solved in the way you propose, by
forbidding xace-editing for most users. I will have a backup for my
WWW-update CGI-scripts so that if a write lock is encountered (should be
rare) the data is written to acefile and updated via tace-cronjob update

            Has anybody tried a setup similar to the one I have been


In article <200001211705.MAA17557 at aires.nlm.nih.gov>,
  mieg at aires.nlm.nih.gov (Jean Thierre-Mieg) wrote:
> if you disabled acedb locking (global) you are garanteed
> to get complete database corruption evry soon
> if you want to update via aceperl and look graphically via
> xace, just arrange unix authorisation so that only aceperl is allowed
to write
> if you want to update via aceperl and graphically use a graphc client
>  xaceclient
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