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Fri Jan 21 07:44:23 EST 2000

   You say that there is no locking in the system...does that apply to
the process when AcePerl uses its own internal code to communicate with
a server? I am using a local server -> AcePerl uses tace to talk to the
dbase. Is the locking mechanism (the lock file) active then?
  My situation is the following: I have a few data upload homepages on
an intranet which are working fine throug AcePerl and local dbase
connection. But my concern is when someone is using Xace to browse and
perhaps update the data -> AcePerl is locked out. Can I go around this
problem by making AcePerl contacting the server -> no locking? Won't
that slow the procedure way down?

  How about disabling the locking system altogether? Is it possible to
rely on the OS (Linux 6 in my case) as to not allowing file corruption?
My users are more or less only modifying their own stuff, so folks
changing things at the same time should be very unlikely.


In article <200001132259.RAA13569 at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>,
  mieg at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (Jean Thierry-Mieg) wrote:
> nthere is no object locking in the system
> but you just update automaytically just the fields yoe
> edit
> whereas the other client may edit other fields at the same time
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