acebrowser and webace ?

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jan 19 11:48:54 EST 2000

Webace and AceBrowser are not the same.

AceBrowser is the more modern system, it is being actively maintained
and developed, and the official position of the acedb developers is
that you should use it.  AceBrowser comes from Lincoln Stein, and is
built on AcePerl also from Lincoln.

The Webace at the Sanger Centre was the work of Tim Hubbard, building
very heavily on the earlier webace work of Doug Bigwood and colleagues
at NAL, who in turn built on work of Guy Decoux.

Both AceBrowser/AcePerl and Webace use the gifaceserver and aceclient
code from the core acedb package.

The reason that the webace pages continue to exist at the Sanger
Centre, and that we still have servers running from it, is that webace
has features not present in AceBrowser that particular people are not
prepared to give up.

I apologise about not making this clear on the acedb home page here.
I have changed the text to now read:

> Acedb databases can be accessed via the Web, using the AceBrowser
> system, which serves a local installation of the C. elegans Genome
> Database . There is also an older web implementation, Webace, which is
> now deprecated, but continues to serve a number of human databases.


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