acebrowser and webace ?

crepinau crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr
Wed Jan 19 11:20:40 EST 2000

    Hello ACEDB users.

It seems everybody is going on the net :-)

And as usual, I am a bit confused. In a message dated from 15 jul 1999,
D and J Thierry-Mieg stated that :
AcePerl is a great success and the webace code of Bigwood et al,
(thanks Doug for this excellent work that we did use for deveral
years), has now been superseeded on several sites, including
www.sanger, by aceperl, although, and this is very confusing, aceperl
was renamed webace on the sanger site.

Webace is the code of 95 by Bigwood et al,
Aceperl is the code of 98 by Stein et al,

so apparently aceperl (from L Stein) is the same as webace from the

However from the Stein web pages I got this image :

ACEDB ::::> AcePerl ::::> AceBrowser

and Acebrowser is intended to supplement the full-featured WebAce system
that is maintained on the Sanger Centre.

And from the webace page at Sanger I got this image :

ACEDB ::::> gifaceserver ::::> aceclient ::::> webace

Finally from the sanger center homepage I got this :

               Acedb databases can be accessed via the Web, using the
Webace interface, which serves a
               number of human databases, or the AceBrowser system,
which serves a local installation of the
               C. elegans Genome Database .

So which one is which? Are they equivalent? Is one dependent on the

Thank you in advance.

By the way, while browsing I found this How To page :


Has anybody ever written a real trouble shouting guide to ACEDB ?

Sincerely your's



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