Problem setting up wbace

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Jan 11 07:19:15 EST 2000


your entries for /etc/rpc and /etc/services look OK, your entry for
/etc/inetd.conf if not OK.....the underlined bits are wrong...

"acedb/1 stream rpc/tcp wait user.group
/usr/local/bin/ rpc.acedbd /home/Database/acedb/ 20000114 1200:1200:0"

user.group  This should be the name of the userid used to start the server,
----------  e.g. if you wanted the server started with your permissions then
            you should put your userid here instead of user.group

/usr/local/bin/  This should be the _fullpath_ to the server executable, so if
---------------  you have put rpc.acedbd in /usr/local/bin, then this field
                 should be /usr/local/bin/rpc.acedbd. Otherwise inetd will not
                 find the executable.

Try making these changes, if that still doesn't work then let me know.

cheers Ed

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