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John Dvorak of PC Magazine Online recommends AntiViral Toolkit Pro!

The next version of a professional anti-virus packet AntiViral Toolkit Pro
by Eugene Kaspersky for Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT is offered to

  This program - new step in struggle with computer viruses. She is
completely 32 bit applications optimized for operation in operational
Windows95 environments /98 and Windows NT and operating /98 and all
possibilities they give.

  The program has convenient user interface, characteristic of a Windows
95 environment /98, plenty of tunings sampled by the user, and also one of
largest in the world of anti-virus bases.

During operation AVP scans:
  - RAM.
  - Files, including archive and packed.
  - System sectors containing Master Boot Record, boot sector
(Boot-sector) and table of splitting of the disk (Partition Table).

The fundamental features AVP:
  - Detection and deleting of huge number of the diversified viruses,
   * of the polymorphic or self-ciphered viruses;
   * of stels-viruses or virus - invisible;
   * of new viruses for Windows 3. XX and Windows 95/98;
   * macro of viruses infecting documents Word and the table Excel.

  - Scanning inside the packed files (module Unpacking Engine).
  - Scanning inside archive files (module Extracting Engine).
  - Scanning of objects on floppy, local, network and CD-ROM disks.
  - Supervision behind file operations in a system in a background and
detection of a virus up to the moment of real infection of a system with the

  - Heuristic module Code Analyzer, necessary for detection of UNKNOWN
  - Search in a mode of excessive scanning.
  - Convenient user interface.
  - Creation, saving and load of a plenty of various tunings.
  - Mechanism of a continuity check of an anti-virus system.
  - Power system of the help.
Tim Corp. designs, consults, develops, distributes, and markets antivirus
software, and is one of the leading antivirus companies in the Russia and
Central Asia region. Its flagship product is AntiViral Toolkit Pro.
AntiViral Toolkit Pro is developed by Kaspersky Lab, Russia www.avp.ru .
AntiViral Toolkit Pro is the copyrighted work of Kaspersky Lab, Russia.

Best price, best quality, just now price for all products AVP - 49 USD.
For More Information
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Almaty P.O.Box 246
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