Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Feb 9 06:29:40 EST 2000


> Dear sirs,
>                    I have installed Acedb software,
> and downloded Ricegenes from ricegenes home page, but
> while reinitializing the data it's saying,
> FATAL ERROR reported by program xace in file
> disknew.c, at
> line 1404: No Database map and no old style Databse!!
> Can get a remedy for this.

The error is saying that xace cannot find the file that describes how
your ricegenes database was laid out on disk. You say that you
reinitialised the
database, what did you actually do ?  I'm wondering if you accidentally
deleted some of the files that acedb needs to reinitialise ?

I would suggest that you get a fresh copy of the Ricegenes database and
check that the database/ sub directory contains the file database.map.
It's because this file is missing that ultimately you are having the
above problem.

cheers Ed

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