Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Feb 8 08:03:35 EST 2000

I guess the menu becomes inaccessible when the CAPS-LOCK button is
down.  This is an old issue with Suns which does not appear on other


> I just started to create a new database with the 4.7 version on solaris.
> I have a strange bug which seems to appear randomly, possibly everytime
> I use a map display: the mouse right-button menu (the one with "quit,
> help, print, preserve ...) becomes completely inactive and I cannot
> select items from that menu anymore. I have no idea what causes this
> problem. This is specific to acedb, the right button menu on the sun
> desktop is working fine.
> The only way to restore this function is to exit acedb AND log out /log
> in, which of course is really a pain.
> Has anybody heard of such a problem? any solution?

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