Problem in configuring map display

Keith Bradnam keith at thale.life.nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 7 11:38:43 EST 2000


I am having a problem with trying to add/configure our map displays.  

Our map display currently contains items in the Locus class.  I was led to
believe that you should be able to configure the map displays to
include/display various types of queries.

E.g. I can change the interval_SRK column to contain a relatively simple
query such as 'Find Locus' and that works fine.

However if I try something like:

Find Locus FOLLOW Sequence FOLLOW Allele

then nothing appears in the column, even though I can construct this is as
a query in the query window, and it returns a list of matches.

I've also tried 'Find Locus Sequence FOLLOW Allele' but then I get an
error message box appear which says 'Confusion in condMatch
at: PIPEQUERY: Find Locus Sequence FOLLOW Allele'.  Whenever you
click continue the box reappears and you are forced to kill xace as there
seems to be no other way of exiting.

Any ideas?  We currently use xace version 4.7g on a Solaris platform.


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