Sequence Map on xace_4.8

schwartz at uclink4.berkeley.edu schwartz at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 4 19:34:08 EST 2000


Just to back up a touch.  We had a horrible bug with the new version of
the Solaris 7 operating system running acedb_4.7* (it took over the
Xwindows manager).  I got the new executable 4.8, from the Sanger site
and it works just fine.  But it's changed a bit.  We have a sequence as
both a Clone and a Sequence.  Under that there are subsequences, the
genes.  The subsequences require a method to be displayed, but
previously the Sequence did not.  I can not now access the main sequence
from the sequence's display.  It's name is no longer visible on the
Sequence map.  There must be something new that I need to add to my
input.  Does anyone know what that might be?  Do I need to add a method
to display it where it was before, on the yellow side bar, I think?

thanks to everyone.

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