AceDB and emacs

John Sturdy jcgs at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Dec 22 08:22:32 EST 2000

As I'm nearing the end (I think) of the first batch of my work on the
website, I'm beginning to think ahead to making use of emacs to help
with working with AceDB -- I do nearly all my work through emacs, and
often write bits of elisp to help out.

If any of you have any requests for what you'd like included in an
emacs package for working with AceDB, or have any pieces of existing
code you'd like to contribute, let me know in the next few weeks and
I'll try to include them.

What I have in mind includes:
  editing modes for model files and ace files
  specialized comint (shell interaction) for driving tace, with emacs
    menu entries, and possibly with syntax colouring of results

The editing mode for model files will parse the model file to know
what tags are defined, etc, and the mode for ace files will be able to
make use of this data (if told which model to use), providing
completion on tag names, checks for valid tags on saving the file, etc.

Comments? Discussion?

I'll put the resulting code on the acedb.org website.

(If anyone's interested, I can also put the elisp I've used to re-work
the website on-line, probably in my webspace on sanger.ac.uk)

Dr John Sturdy                                            jcgs at sanger.ac.uk
Informatics Division
Sanger Centre

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