Install script for Acedb

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 09:32:10 EST 2000

Calling all acedb installers...

I am making some changes to the acedb INSTALL script in preparation for the next
release of acedb.

The old script used to:

install source in ./w*, binaries in ./bin, docs in ./w*, install a version of
the worm database and mess about with various files in the worm database. The
script also created a couple of small scripts that would invoke xace/tace on the
worm database.

Its no longer practical to distribute the worm database with acedb source code,
its just too big. If you want the worm database, please can you now go to one of
the below for this:


I propose that the INSTALL script should now be a more simple affair that
unpacks source, binary and/or docs archives into the current directory and makes
any links required for building the code and makes sure that files have the
correct permissions.

Is this acceptable ? Are there any other functions that the script should
perform that are vital to users ?

cheers Ed

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