Still have prblems settings up things right

F Coulier coulier at marseille.inserm.fr
Tue Dec 5 11:06:16 EST 2000

Ed Griffiths a écrit :

> Francois,
> First a couple of questions:
> 1) What level of acedb are you using ?  If you are using 4_8, you should try
> the    socket server rather than the RPC server. The programs are called
> saceserver     and saceclient and details for set up are in wdoc.

I use 4_7. Do you think I should  update to 4_8, or wait for 4_9 ?

> 2) What are your entries in  /etc/services  /etc/rpc  /etc/inetd  ??

acedb           20114/tcp
nbdb            20117/tcp
madb            20118/tcp

acedb           20114 rpc.gifaceserver
nbdb            20117 rpc.gifaceserver
madb            20118 rpc.gifaceserver

acedb/1 stream  rpc/tcp wait    acedb.U119      /usr/local/bin/rpc.gifaceserver
rpc.gifaceserver /database/acedb 20114 1200:1200:0
nbdb/1  stream  rpc/tcp wait    acedb.U119      /usr/local/bin/rpc.gifaceserver
rpc.gifaceserver /database/Nbdb 20117 1200:1200:0
madb/1  stream  rpc/tcp wait    acedb.U119        /usr/local/bin/rpc.gifaceserver
rpc.gifaceserver /database/madb 20118 1200:1200:0

> Some suggestions
> Have you looked in the server log or acedb log in the database to see if the
> server program even starts up ?  If not, then its likely to be a problem either
> with the /etc files or with permissions.

There is no traces in server.log. My guess is that the server does not start at

I actually get the following message when trying to launch :aceclient
[fc at grun fc]$ aceclient xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -port 20114
//! cannot establish connection
//! usage: aceclient host [-port number] [-time_out secs] [-access_info]
[-ace_out] [-ace_in] [-f reportfile parameters]

> Are you trying to get write access or have you altered the server.wrm file to
> allow universal reading (this is a good idea just to get things started).

I have WRITE_ACCESS_DIRECTORY /database/Write_access
With the proper permission set up for this directory (tried rwx for all)


Thanks for your help!


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