Still have prblems settings up things right

F. Coulier coulier at marseille.inserm.fr
Mon Dec 4 10:56:27 EST 2000

Hello to all,

I have been trying for quite some time to move Acedb (plus other
databases that run with acedb) from one computer (linux mandrake 6.1) to
another (linux mandrake 7.1), but I have lots of difficulties setting up
web access.

I can run acedb on the new machine OK, as well as 2 others small
databases we are (trying to) develop in the lab.

On the "new" computer, I can manually start gifaceserver to run any of
these 3 databases (i.e. fc]$ gifaceserver /database/acedb 20114
and then run aceclient (i.e. fc]$ aceclient xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -port 20114)
from the PC where the gifaceserver is running, or from another one.

Now, where I failed, is when I try to start the gifaceserver on the new
computer by launching the aceclient (this works Ok on the "old" PC).

I suspect a file permission problem, but cannot find where this problem
could be.
gifaceserver is executable by user acedb and group U119
fc (me, the username underwhich I tried to run aceclient) is a member of
group U119.

In inetd.conf I have:
acedb/1 stream  rpc/tcp wait    acedb.U119
/usr/local/bin/rpc.gifaceserver rpc.gifaceserver /database/acedb 20114

rpc.gifaceserver is a symbolic link to gifaceserver

/database/acedb and /database/acedb/database are rwx for acedb.U119

Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated!


François Coulier,        mél: coulier at marseille.inserm.fr
INSERM Unité 119, 27 bd Leï Roure, 13009 Marseille, France 
Tel: 33 (0) 4 91 26 04 26 (temporaire) Fax: 33 (0) 4 91 26 03 64
Site ouaibe: http://olan.marseille.inserm.fr/

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