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and the October newsletter....

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ACEDB User Group Newsletter - October 2000

If you want to have this newsletter mailed to you _or_ you want to make
comments/suggestions about the format/content then send an email to
acedb at sanger.ac.uk.

Like last month, this month has been a month of bug fixes in preparation for
the release of Acedb 4_9.

New Features

Acedb MS-Windows CD packaging improvements

The following improvements have been made to the Install process:

   * - there's a new database wizard in the for the installation, it will
     install the acedb binaries and set up a new/empty default database.
   * - the file extension ".wrm" is automatically registered with MS-Windows
     to be opened with MS-Windows Notepad as this is a suitable editor for
     altering them.
   * - The latest Worm WS releases are now regularly packaged with the Acedb
     MS-Windows CD.

_Coming soon -_ at the Acedb web site, a document on how to make windows
packages, databases, cds, for acedb.

URLs on Acedb MS-Windows

URLs in objects now work correctly in the MS-Windows version of acedb, the
URL will be displayed by whichever program is registered with MS-Windows to
deal with URLs (this might be Internet Explorer or maybe Netscape).

".wrm" files on Acedb MS-Windows

A problem with Unix vs. MS-Windows is that they signal the end of a line of
text in a different way. This matters if you edit one of acedbs text files
(e.g. models.wrm) on Windows and then try to edit again on a Unix machine.
Acedb expects ".wrm" text files to use the Unix way of representing an
end-of-line, but the MS-Windows version will also cope with the MS-Windows
way of doing this. This means that Acedb will continue to work if you have
editted your models.wrm file on an MS-Windows machine.

Bugs Fixed

"%" Dumping bug

acedb 4_8 had a bug whereby "%" signs within data in the database e.g. "GC
content 48%" would not be dumped correctly because the "%" was read as a
formatting instruction. This is now fixed.

Incorrect ordering of output to screen under tace

Error messages in tace could get tangled with the "acedb>" prompt which was
confusing. This has now been fixed.

Loss of window focus

Sometimes when acedb popped up messages (warnings, information etc.), this
could lead to the acedb losing the keyboard focus, i.e. any typing by the
user would be lost. This is now fixed.

No monthly build available.

Unfortunately, due to system problems at the Sanger Centre a monthly build
has not been possible for September.

Next User Group Meeting - D213, 2.30pm, Thursday, 12th October

Ed Griffiths <edgrif at sanger.ac.uk>
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