Update sequence?

Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Fri Dec 1 04:22:54 EST 2000

There is a call in the acedb kernel to automatically
update all coordinates in touched objects up and down the hierarchy
provided they are declared withe the modifier COORD in the
ace model

however, this call is not included in any public interface
and my self i never use it
so i cannot garantee the reliability, but i beleive it works

this means that to use this call you would have to write some c

if there is demand, you could trigger the interest of the cambridge
group to add that public interface but just now, i could not 
spare the needed time for this, sorry

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>> Hi all,
>> I am using acedb for annotation.  I was wondering if there is a way to
>> update the dna sequence for a clone, to add more to it, while preserving
>> the existing annotations.  I have done it in the past by hand, changing
>> all the froms and tos, but it is a royal pain.  Is there a nice way to
>> do that?  If I just delete the DNA sequence and add the new one, will
>> the annotation be automatically updated?
>DNA sequences are usually specified as 'UNIQUE' objects in most acedb
>databases, so if you try to read a new DNA sequence as part of an existing
>Sequence object it should just replace the existing DNA sequence but not
>change anything else.
>E.g. if your sequence/clone object in your database is something like:
>Sequence : "EMBL:AB006697"
>DNA      "EMBL:AB006697" 80970
>Version  "AB006697.1"
>Database_date    "26-OCT-2000"
>Species  "Arabidopsis thaliana"
>Title    "Arabidopsis thaliana genomic DNA, chromosome 5, P1 clone:MAH20."
>Clone    "MAH20"
>Then all you should have to do is put your new DNA sequence in an ace file
>with the same name as that which already exists and read this into the
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