Uniqueness of tags?

Ralph Gauges ralph.gauges at eml.villa-bosch.de
Thu Aug 31 03:11:46 EST 2000

> I would have
> ?Reaction Substrate ?Compound XREF Reaction
> ?Compound Type UNIQUE Peptide
>                       Nucleic_acid UNIQUE DNA
>                                           RNA
>                       Small_molecule
>           Reaction ?Reaction XREF Substrate
> Then define subclasses of Compound as follows in subclasses.wrm
> Class Peptide
> Is_a_subclass_of Compound
> Filter Peptide
> Class Nucleic_acid
> Is_a_subclass_of Compound
> Filter Nucleic_acid
> Class DNA_compound
> Is_a_subclass_of Nucleic_acid
> Filter DNA
> etc.
> Does this do what you want?  Note that I say DNA_compound because DNA
> is a reserved class.
> Richard

If I would add all the extra attributes that e.g. peptide
has compared to Compound, it might work.
If I get this right, it might look something like
 ?Reaction Substrate ?Compound XREF Reaction
 ?Compound Type UNIQUE Peptide  Sequence TEXT
                                Function TEXT
                       Nucleic_acid Type UNIQUE DNA
                                    Sequence TEXT
                       Small_molecule ...
           Reaction ?Reaction XREF Substrate

To be honest, I have not looked at subclasses in detail yet.
But I assume that the filters could also be made more
restrictive. Like Filter Type.DNA instead of just DNA. But
again, what if I have subclasses of subclasses and so on.
This would get very complicated if I put everything in the
Compound model.
But this mailinglist is no substitute for reading the
documentation, so I don't want to bother you with more
questions that I might get answers to from the manual. I
think I will read the stuff about subclassing. Thanks again
for putting me on this track, maybe this will help me to
find the optimal solution for the problem.


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