Uniqueness of tags?

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Aug 31 03:11:44 EST 2000

> Just imagine, we would like to have the notion of a reaction
> in the model, this reaction has e.g. substrates which are of
> the type compound. Now compound is a baseclass and has lots
> of subclasses like simple_molecule, peptide, dna, rna etc.
> and those subclasses might have subclasses of their own. So
> how would I define this reaction. The easiest would have
> been, if ACEDB knew abou inheritance than I would just say:
> ?Reaction Substrate ?Compound
> O.K., but since we all know, this does not work, so I
> thought about using the Unique construct above which just
> lists all subclasses:

Aha, but I think it does work.  See below.

> ?Reaction  Unique Substrate ?Compound
>                   Substrate ?SimpleMolecule
>                   Substrate ?.....
> Now you suggest to do it like this:
> ?Reaction Substrate UNIQUE CompoundSubstrate ?Compound
>                            SimpleMoleculeSubstrate
> ?SimpleMolecule
>                            ...
> Although this works, it adds another level of complexety
> when you want to query a reaction. To bad, but since this
> seems to be the only way to do it, I guess I wil have to do
> it this way. But I hope, I could clearify why I tried to do
> it the other way first.
> How would one define ?Reaction the "ACEDB way"? I am still
> facing the problem that a substrate can be a peptide, a dna,
> a rna etc. How could this be solved besides using ID
> numbers?

I would have

?Reaction Substrate ?Compound XREF Reaction

?Compound Type UNIQUE Peptide
		      Nucleic_acid UNIQUE DNA
	  Reaction ?Reaction XREF Substrate

Then define subclasses of Compound as follows in subclasses.wrm

Class Peptide
Is_a_subclass_of Compound
Filter Peptide

Class Nucleic_acid
Is_a_subclass_of Compound
Filter Nucleic_acid

Class DNA_compound
Is_a_subclass_of Nucleic_acid
Filter DNA


Does this do what you want?  Note that I say DNA_compound because DNA
is a reserved class.


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