Uniqueness of tags?

Ralph Gauges ralph.gauges at eml.villa-bosch.de
Mon Aug 28 11:26:54 EST 2000


I am currently trying to automate the process of generating
an acedb model file from an object oriented database model.
Since acedb does not provide inheritance, I have to find a
way around this.
What I tried to do is instead of having a pointer to the
base class, (which could only hold a pointer to the base
class and not to all subclasses, as I need it) I use a
UNIQUE List of pointers to the base class and all subclasses
which looks something like this:

?BaseClass1 sometags....

?Sub1BaseClass1 get all attributes from BaseClass1 + some

?Sub2BaseClass1 get all attributes from BaseClass1 + some

?BaseClass2 UNIQUE PointsTo ?BaseClass1
                   PointsTo ?Sub1BaseClass1
                   PointsTo ?Sub2BaseClass1

But in some document it was stated that all tag names have
to be unique within a model. 
What I was wondering now is if those tag names would be
considered unique, since there would be only one in an
actual instance, or is something like this forbidden? If
this is not allowed, how could I solve the inheritance

Thanks a lot



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