AceBrowser/gifaceserver problem viewing maps

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Aug 25 07:48:58 EST 2000


> Raising the datasize limit to about 150000 kb seems to be enough to cope,
> but I've raised it to about 500000 kb to be sure.  As gifaceserver runs
> from my user account, I had to modify .cshrc to specify the new limit.
> Not sure whether I should also modify the stacksize limit as well and
> increase it from the default 8192 kb??

The below is for unix, I don't know what happens on Windows...

OK, this is a fairly common problem, for large databases acedb can be fairly
memory intensive both in terms of how much heap and stack space it uses. The
former is restricted by the data segment limit and the latter by the stacksize
limit for a users process. The initial values for these are set up by whoever
installed the system, from the shell you can use the limit or ulimit commands to
change these limits.

We can insert some code so that when a malloc call fails (= heap allocation)
then we could see what the users datasize limit is and check to see if this is
the problem, then our error message could be more informative. This won't be
possible on all systems because it needs the get/setrlimit calls to be

The situation for running out of stack space is not easily remedied, the process
will probably receive a SIGSEGV which is the same as when we have a program
error due to messed up pointers. The only thing we could do is check for a very
small stack size but I'm not happy to mask potential coding errors with a
confusing error message.

I'll put some code in to try and give a better error message for when mallocs


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