AceBrowser/gifaceserver problem viewing maps

Keith Bradnam keith at thale.nott.ac.uk
Fri Aug 25 03:09:16 EST 2000


I've been in the process of moving our acedb databases to a new system.
After many headaches, I seemed to reach the point where AceBrowser was
behaving normally.  However, I then noticed that I can't view certain map
objects as pictures without getting the error:

"The ACEDB server was unable to generate a picture of this object, please
return to text mode".

What is confusing me is that everything else seems to be ok and I can view
other images (e.g. sequences), I can also view some of the other maps in
our database with no problems. E.g. go to:


and select the 'Map' class and then any of the 'classical' maps.  It is
only our 'Physical' and 'Recombinant Inbred' maps which exhibit this

I assume that the error message is being generated by the following
subroutine in the AceBrowser 'pic' script:

unless (-e $image_file && -M $image_file < 0) {
   open (F,">$image_file") || AceError("Can't open image file $image_file 
for writing: $!\n");
   print F $gif || unpack("u",ERROR_GIF);
   close F;

Has anyone else experienced anything similar???  I can't see why it is
failing for just one type of image.  I've checked the server.log file and
nothing appears as unusual.  Regardless of which map you choose and
whether the map appears or not, you get the same type of output, e.g.

Client      1 (1 active). Query: 
Client      1 (1 active). Query: find Map "Physical-III"
Client      1 (1 active). Query: list -j -b 0
Client      1 (1 active). Query: gif display   Map "Physical-III" ;
Dimensions 1024 768 ; gifdump -

gifaceserver seems to try and generate the image and our /ace_images
folder on our web server contains the appropriately named files in the
/AGR/Map subdirectory, only these images are the error message gif rather
than a gif of the map.

Any ideas???

We have all the latest software, e.g.

Perl 5.6.0
acedb 4.7l (server and client)
AcePerl 1.62
AceBrowser 2.10
mod_perl 1.24

all running on Tru64 UNIX 5.0a.

Any help welcome,


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