xace looping on solaris 7

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.UManitoba.CA
Mon Aug 21 09:39:12 EST 2000

Ed Griffiths wrote:
> Probably worth noting:
> > Ed and I have just fixed a bug that plagued
> > all versions of acedb (4.7 and 4.8) on recent solaris
> > machine (sparc and intel alike)
> > the behaviour was: when you covered the mainwindow
> > the whole screen would freze because of acedb creating
> > an X11 event loop.
> > you had essentially to kill xace and restart the window
> > manager.
> >
> > the fix is simple and i will update the 4.7 distrib
> As far as we know this does not affect the 4_8c version, if you have Solaris 5.7
> and could test xace from acedb 4_8c we would be grateful (download the July
> build available as  Sanger-release.2000_07_14.tar.gz  from the ftp site).
> > i just fixed also a simple bug that prevents the
> > development release of aceserver to work. may be nobody saw
> > that bug but the behavious was a message 'cannot connect'
> > from the client
> Yup, I also fixed this, it was a trivial mistake in both 4_7 and 4_8 code.

I just observed similar behavior on Solaris 8, with xace 4.71. 

In my case, if I went to the main keyset and clicked
on an object, the 'Ready' box would keep flashing and
lockup the screen. The entire CDE session would have
to be killed remotely.
It works fine on machines running Solaris 6. 
(We skipped Solaris 7 entirely, so I have no data on 7).
Is xace 4.8 close enough to being a "production release" that
I should install that, or should I wait for a fix
in 4.7?

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