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Query problems: subtags and constructed subtypes

mummi at decode.is mummi at decode.is
Thu Sep 16 09:36:56 EST 1999

  I have been having problems with querying subtags within constructed
subtypes. I am trying to extract all the contigs from a certain region
on Chromosome 6 (the Sanger FTP-data), querying the Map tag and
continuing to the Map_position. This works just fine with, say, the STS
objects which only have one Position value

  "find STS Map = Chr_6 & NEXT & NEXT > 70000 AND HERE <100000"

but the contigs are maps with two location valus, Left and Right. I
imagined  that doing

  "find Map Map = Chr_6 & NEXT # Ends # Left >70000"

would work or something similar, but none of the stuff I've tried
   I wound up just picking the relevant contigs out by hand and into a
keyset, but this query-problem  keeps nagging me still. is it perhaps
not possible to query such subtags (Ends split into Left and Right)
inside a constructed subtype like Map_position?

   Thanks in advance, greetings from Iceland to everybody on the list ;)


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